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Lover of Walls

Here in Portland we have a lot of walls I really like. So, sometimes I photograph them. I heart Portland walls. It’s 10 pm, I am home from roller derby practice (my last skating practice with my league this season!) and again I didn’t blog earlier today. But it’s because I was busy CLEANING my...

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Single Photo Friday:: Local Wheels

. Tuesday evening I had a little photo shoot with a local skate shop – a derby owned and operated place called Turn Two Skate Shop. In case you didn’t know, I love working with small businesses to help them get the word out about what they do and why we should go to their...

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Making a Difference:: Mary’s Walk 2012

If there were such a thing as a license to blog, my license would have been revoked this winter. Over a month and nothing shared! I can hear the tsk tsk whispers through the internet. Oh well. Sometimes life happens and blog posts don’t. And then March rolls around and suddenly things seem to get...

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