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Photo Story:: Family Space

Photos sit on my hard drives, Summer enters its final weeks, and Monkey continues his first year as a teenager. So, seems like a good time to share a few photos to keep the momentum of our year long photo project going (More HERE). From a day at home with family hanging out in a...

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Photo Story:: Monkey Haircut

When I decided to do a year long photo project with the Neph, I made a list of things a 13 year old may do/ things that may be happening from day to day. It was pretty basic and included simple things like hanging out, doing homework, and getting a hair cut.  Then there was...

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Monkey is Thirteen:: A Year Long Photo Project

13. A time to Dream Big. This winter while I was having a blast at Inspire {a photo retreat for photographers} I realized I needed a personal project. The subject came up more than once, and I told myself I need to pay attention and do something. I have always believed in personal projects, but...

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