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The Price of a Chance

Billboard in Venice, CA. So, my Tuesday is off to a rough start. But it’s #firstworldproblems kind of rough start. Part of it being phone issues which stem from money issues. I am now annoyed with Verizon, left their store with a headache and feeling drained. But it’s just an aggravation, not something that needs...

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Single Photo Friday:: Walk in the Fog

Summer has been playing some tricks on us. We had a few days of non-stop, hair-frizzing, whine-inducing heat, then rain. Then fog. Then both. Wednesday night I was cooking dinner and couldn’t stop staring at the fog outside my window. I love fog! A photog friend emailed me with a question. I emailed back and...

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Single Photo Friday:: Winter Color

Looks like I forgot how to blog for a little while there. I’m quite sure it’s because I was off doing awesome things and celebrating holidays and fighting this year’s winter sickness. Normal stuff. But my lack of blogging made me realize I should bring back Single Photo Friday. One photo with maybe a few...

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