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Maine Family Photographer:: More Locke/Rosario Fun

Hello again from the world’s okayest blogger. I am also the world’s okayest athlete, according to my favorite tank top. But for now, let’s focus on the blog and photos of people I like a lot. From a dreary day on a Portland playground, I bring you another round with the fun, energetic, and bright...

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Photo Story:: Monkey Haircut

When I decided to do a year long photo project with the Neph, I made a list of things a 13 year old may do/ things that may be happening from day to day. It was pretty basic and included simple things like hanging out, doing homework, and getting a hair cut.  Then there was...

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Get Back to Basics

When you come to your blog and feel overwhelmed. You haven’t blogged in months. Sessions are sitting on hard drives. The spam filters aren’t keeping the spam out. You have 1000 things to say, and yet nothing to say. Where to start? What to blog? What to say? I think you just start… somewhere. Anywhere....

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