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An Image I Can’t Live Without

Today marks 15 days of blogging in a row. (!!!) I’d be lying if I said it’s been easy. But it hasn’t been awful. It’s hard to share everyday without feeling a little self-absorbed (though I know plenty of people do it, and don’t come across that way). It’s also a challenge to find ways...

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A Day in the Life:: New Year’s With Friends

So, on my birthday I posted a little day in the life type of thing. It seemed to go over well, this act of just posting photos of what I saw and did on a certain day. This is not a new activity for me, as I love documenting everyday events and moments with my...

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Single Photo Friday:: Sock Monkey

Happy Holidays everyone! Well, the holidays are in full swing and I know that not because I have a calendar in front of me but because the sock monkey has made its way out of a box and onto our tree. I’m giddy. And note the blue lights in the background – a throwback to...

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