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Photo Story:: She Plays

Button at a recent soccer game. I recently went to watch my Niece play soccer. On Saturday mornings girls ages 4-5 gather behind a local school in shirts that are far too big for them, and play/learn to play a team sport. Together. It’s pretty great! I loved watching it because I am not only...

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Hitting the Three Year Mark:: A Little Story About Roller Derby Me

I am pretty sure there are no photos of me from the night I tried out for roller derby. For this, I am grateful. MAINE Roller Derby. I was a bundle of nerves in borrowed gear and rental rink skates. I forgot to put my mouth guard in. I wiped out right in front of...

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Maine Portrait Photographer:: Ceremony, Suit, and Some Silliness with the Locke/Rosario Family

Big day for the Rosario Fam. . On a weekday this past Fall I met up with this fun family to take advantage of a pretty big day for all of them. This was the day Aneury became a U.S. Citizen. It was also the first time his wife had ever seen him in a...

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