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Breaking Habits.

I like coffee. A lot. Lately I have started a strange habit of leaving my house many afternoons, because I need a computer break and a change of scenery, and driving to a coffee shop for a latte. What’s even stranger is how often I head to Starbucks (I am not a huge Starbucks person,...

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Challenge:: Blog EVERY.DAY. for a Month

I have decided to challenge myself. So, for the month of November I plan to blog EVERY. DAY. . Also, it’s possible I’m slightly crazy. But sometimes our best ideas are the crazy ones. And I can do month long photo challenges, so why not challenge myself to write and share EVERY. DAY. for a...

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Single Photo Friday:: Espresso Reward

Sometimes when I’m out, having a good day I like to end it with a trip to a coffee shop. Yesterday was one of those kinds of days. Making a Black Forest Mocha @ Aurora Provisions in Portland, Maine. . I was driving home, had my new skates, was feeling excited, and my daily photo...

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