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Signs of the Times

Signs are everywhere – telling us what to do and where to go and how to be and maybe how to make our life better. Sometimes the signs are just begging to be photographed… In Kennebunk, Maine there are no private parties. Keep Away. That goes for you, lady with the camera standing super close....

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Single Photo Friday:: Grit

A doorway in Brooklyn, taken with a Lensbaby. . I don’t know what it is about grit and grime, but I just love it. I love texture and rusty stuff and things that are worn. Things that look like they have seen a hundred lifetimes and contain the stories and secrets of a million strangers....

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… is just one of those things I love about going to New York. Probably goes without saying that I fell for this, only to have the guy at the coffee shop tell me he doesn’t like to high five.

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