For The Laughers

On a day when our country is mourning, and I decide to avoid social media as much as I can, I started thinking about things that make me happy, smile, and laugh. Because it seems like more and more often lately we need to be reminded of those things so we can see through the tough days when some things don’t make sense.

So, it’s Monday. It was really sunny this morning, but now things look gray, cold, windy. I spent the weekend celebrating two derby friends at their wedding, extending the fun by spending the night in a friend’s cabin by the water. I had an amazing shoot on Friday night, met my deadline, and headed towards the mountains for a little fun and time away from technology and responsibility. This weekend had all the right pieces of being mostly perfect. But then news about a terrible tragedy in our country and I find myself sad, unsure of what to do, confused by another senseless act.

I think a little time with the laughers in my life is probably what I need right now.

The laughers in my life are not only those who laugh, but the ones I know can also make me laugh, smile, and often forget about other things. Even if just for a little while. I realize I have a lot of laughers in my life, which makes me a lucky human. I know my niece and nephew are high on this list. Something about hanging out with a 4 year old that can help you forget about adult stuff and just be in the moment of whatever make believe, playground scheme, hula hoop, snack time, hungry hungry hippos silliness is happening. When I spend time with my niece it is an all consuming event because there are games to make up and stories to hear and reasons to stop suddenly and pick things up off the ground. There is no time for email checking and bill paying and reading articles about people hurting each other.

And sometimes I really need that break from adult stuff to remember about fun and happy stuff.

I want to share some images of Button on her 4th Birthday this past month. Her brother (Monkey) got her a microphone stand that lights up and assists in other various musical creating adventures. The images from that day still make me smile. Her reaction, her looking so comfortable with a microphone and an instrument, her day with family around and maybe a little too much sugar from cake…

It looked a little like this:

this one might be my favorite.

Important to have your microphone with you while waiting for cake. You never know when a song may come to you.

Also important to wear the community birthday glasses so people know it’s YOUR birthday.

This is 4. And my new favorite shot of their family.

So, find your laughers. Make time for them. Hopefully it will help during these times that challenge and confuse and hurt us…

Looks like the sun might be trying to come out again. Well timed.

xo ~ jb

Maine Family Photographer:: More Locke/Rosario Fun

Hello again from the world’s okayest blogger. I am also the world’s okayest athlete, according to my favorite tank top. But for now, let’s focus on the blog and photos of people I like a lot. From a dreary day on a Portland playground, I bring you another round with the fun, energetic, and bright Locke Rosario family!

Jan, Aneury, Natalie, and Corrine.

I love that they always come wearing lots of color, and have proven over and over that iffy weather doesn’t worry them. I know I can rely them for these things, as well as plenty of smiles, affection, and some honest to goodness goofyness.

It was just a matter of time before the silliness started..

Two years ago when the youngest was 4 and Dad was about to become a U.S. Citizen, we met up for a family shoot before his swearing in ceremony. Natalie, the then 4 year old, was pretty not into it and seemed slightly suspicious of me. I have many shots of her giving me sideways glances and often not smiling when everyone else would. I had to work hard for every smile I got out of her. The shoot before that she was a toddler and wearing a colorul tutu and laughing at everything we did. This time, at age 6, she was full of energy and fun, and got upset when it was time to leave asking if I could hang out longer and go out to dinner with them. I have to admit as a photographer I am very drawn to her, even when she was at an age or a phase where she didn’t want my camera around her. But I love her energy and slight feistyness, and the fact that she seems totally comfortable to climb on just about anything.

But it’s also a reminder of why getting family photos done every year or every few years is so important. 2 years makes a big difference in a child, and can show very different sides or phases of who they are at any given time. And even though she only wanted to be near her mom most of that day at our last shoot, I have many shots I love because that is who she was at this time in their lives.

This time around things were different. Kids are pretty funny! I love how these two sisters play, run, chase, scheme, and laugh together. Even in their pretty dresses.

So, we come together, and then separate because there is fun to be had and things to climb on. Then as fun happens and nerves lessen, I pull people back in to get more smiles and some silliness. Then more running and moments of in-between, which are really the actual moments I am looking for. Rinse and repeat, until pieces of who you are have been captured and we have exhausted each other.

Like, a good exhaustion. The kind that always makes me happy at the end of a shoot, reminding me why I love doing what I do.

While the younger one shows me something different at every shoot, the older sister has been more reliable with her laughter and sweetness and bursts of energy and always grouping back to one of her parents for moments of affection, then back to burning off some energy. And always with a smile. It’s fun to witness and to capture.

So, it’s that time of year again to remember your family and the promise you made to get family photos done! The weather is getting warmer, the evenings longer. The beaches and playgrounds are calling us to hang out together and document your family as you are, now.

In two years everything will be different.

Photo Story:: Monkey Haircut

When I decided to do a year long photo project with the Neph, I made a list of things a 13 year old may do/ things that may be happening from day to day. It was pretty basic and included simple things like hanging out, doing homework, and getting a hair cut.  Then there was another list of things HE may be doing (the first thing he mentioned to me was book club…). Anyway, I like lists. I’m one of those people.


Shortly after the big birthday bringing this guy into age 13, I spent the day hanging out with him, his dad, his sister. There was a dance class for 3-5 year olds, lunch at a local coffee shop, and a haircut on the agenda. I tagged along with my camera for all of it. We somehow all ended up at the beach, and if my memory is accurate, the little one (the niece, aka Button) talked us all into going there so she could drag out the fun with all of us. This is a strong skill of hers.

I LOVE photographing people working with their hands! There’s just something about watching people create and do their craft. Hands are such a a big part of it. So photographing someone getting their hair cut is a pretty fun thing to get to do in my world. This is part of me tuning into how much I love to document the process, whatever that process may be.

But I also loved watching his expression get more serious. He is normally not a super serious person at all, but haircuts are apparently not a time to laugh and get goofy. His normal uninhibited nature was much more calm while he politely sat still for this stranger coming at him with scissors.

So serious. And just like that he looks like a teenager!

Looks like someone is ready for warmer weather! I would say ready for Summer, but I am betting this will be happening again before school gets out.

So, since I have always called him Monkey (short for Monkeypants), do I continue to do that as part of this project?

There is a piece of me that says yes, no need to use his name (in a ‘protect his identity’ kind of way). Another piece of me says NO, what if he doesn’t like that? I am not sure how much longer I can get away with calling him Monkey, and I don’t do it too often in public. Ok, I do it sometimes. Bottom line is I am looking for names of the project and still have some thinking to do about this topic. I guess it’s time for another list…

T a g s
T w e e t s