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Photos sit on my hard drives, Summer enters its final weeks, and Monkey continues his first year as a teenager. So, seems like a good time to share a few photos to keep the momentum of our year long photo project going (More HERE). From a day at home with family hanging out in a kitchen, looking at photos from a vacation and on other people’s cameras. Just part of that list of things a teenager might do.

Too bad photos don’t record sound volume. Sometimes all of us in one space are kind of loud:)

Family Time. Looking at photos from Aunt Anita’s trip to Florida..

Sometimes he plays up to the camera, sometimes he ignores me. OR tries to. Both of us learning the balance of being in the same space together and not engaging, or not engaging constantly. Which I think is tricky for each of us. The tricky part is actually his excitement for photography means when my camera is around he also wants to use it. Which is totally understandable:)

But these images make me laugh. It took seeing these images for me to realize how much female energy is around him on a regular basis.

Now, let’s eat!

Hopefully at some point these images all together will tell a story of who he is/was at this time in his life. For now, there are more images to edit and moments to witness…

And more kitchens to fill with laughter and noise.

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