Maine Family Photographer:: Lisa, Tony, Sorcha

Here we go again! Another round of fun with this mother daughter duo as their tiny family gets a little bigger. Hi Tony!

I am not sure if I have said this before or not, but I could photograph Sorcha over and over and not get bored. She has unlimited energy and never ending expressions and reactions. It makes editing hard sometimes because there is just so much personality and I want to share it all! So, as with all photo shoots, they get to see a lot of that stuff. You blog viewers see a scaled down version.

The last time I hung out with Lisa & Sorcha, we went to a local farm to climb trees and get silly on the playground. This time we spent a sunny evening together in their neighborhood. Here is some of what unfolded in front of my camera..

As you can see, Sorcha keeps people on their toes. Energetic, smart, goofy, thoughtful, playful, and so in love with their dogs! I know when I am with them I am mostly trying to keep up with her and document things as they unfold. I crack up when she does things adults don’t approve of, and love when she slows down enough and just sits with her mom. Then she springs into a action a few moments later, and I have no idea what might happen next. It’s a pretty fun way to spend time with my camera, and with people who really like each other.

Thanks again Lisa, Sorcha, & Tony for a fun evening of capturing who you are. xoxo

Favorite moment.

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