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Maine Portrait Photographer:: Giles Family Reunites at SMCC

Family beach time with Steve, Katie, and Sam. . I’ve said it before and I will say it again – I love living in a place where people who grew up here want to come home in the summer and think to get family photos while they are here! Meet Katie, someone I’ve known since…...

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Maine Portrait Photographer:: Buchanan Family Gets Colorful

Color! Let’s embrace it. I’m here to show you how fun it can be, with the help of Karley, Katie, Brian, and Jenna (and a little side assistance from Fred & Ted)… Buchanan clan in Maine, wearing some great colors and laughing with Fred & Ted. . Let’s enjoy these fun family photos for a...

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Single Photo Friday:: Walk in the Fog

Summer has been playing some tricks on us. We had a few days of non-stop, hair-frizzing, whine-inducing heat, then rain. Then fog. Then both. Wednesday night I was cooking dinner and couldn’t stop staring at the fog outside my window. I love fog! A photog friend emailed me with a question. I emailed back and...

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