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Maine Portrait Photographer:: Adventure Family

Family Pig Pile. How fun is this family photo? The answer is REALLY FUN! Or hilariously awesome would also work here.  I’m not sure if that is proper grammar, though. . . . . BUT what is fun is photographing families who let their kids play and explore. Which is how things unfolded when I...

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Maine Portrait Photographer:: Hanging at Home

Every so often I do a photo shoot at someone’s home. Living in Maine I think people feel like they should go to the beach, a lighthouse, or something that shows our state’s natural beauty. But what about your own house? There may be plenty of beauty in your own backyard. . I think it’s...

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Maine Portrait Photographer:: Twice the Family Fun With Twins

Say hello the the handsome Coffin twins! Twin brothers, Connor and Tristram. . If you know anything about me you probably already know I love doing family portraits, and I think telling people’s stories and histories is important. Photographing kids is always both fun and exhausting (in a good way). Every so often I get...

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