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Three {happy} Things My Camera Saw

I like things in threes. My brother likes to say it’s because of the rule of thirds. He might be kind of right, even though that is a rule I love breaking. But whatever the reason, I like things in 3′s. Especially photos. So, in line with posting 3 things about ME, this week I...

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Maine Portrait Photographer:: Ellis Clan, Round 3

The Ellis Clan. . Say hi to my friends, the Ellis Family. A photogenic and fun foursome who have hired me for family photos 3 times. The first time we did this Charlie wasn’t walking yet and had a fantastic thing going on with his hair where he looked like he was working a serious...

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Maine Portrait Photographer:: Celebrating MOMS!!

Moms rule. So Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! Here are some fun and sweet moments my camera and I have had with some fantastic moms lately… . . . . . . . . . I am about to go hang out with my mom, but wanted to thank all you moms who have trusted me...

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