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Single Photo Friday:: Superhero Plunge

It is Friday, right? I think it is, and I also think it is the final Friday of 2011. How does everyone feel about that? I have heard people say 2011 was a mix of really good and really tough times. For me, it was a pretty good year sprinkled with enough challenges and excitement...

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Maine Portrait Photographer:: Twins, Laughter, & Ice Cream

A couple times a year I donate my time and/or services to organizations I believe in. This past year I donated a photo session to a fundraiser for Gary’s House. As a person who has had family in the hospital, I can understand the need for a place like Gary’s House to help ease the...

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A Day in the Life:: Me & My Birthday

I had a birthday yesterday. It was one of those big ones marking the start of a new decade, the end of another. One of those birthdays where people start thinking about their age, their life, maybe even their health. Yes, I turned 40 yesterday! So far it feels pretty good. I decided to spend...

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