Monthly Archives: September 2010

Two photos

… that can sum up my weekend: During some hang time with the neph I took this one. While having a delicious dinner with friends I took this. Both events were fun and filled with laughter. Laughing with a 7 year old and cooking up crazy ideas can be as fun as laughing with creative...

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Single Photo Friday:: Mono

In my past I was a black and white printer. I spent much of my twenties working in darkrooms and splashing around in a sink full of chemicals. When I wasn’t printing, I was shooting black and white film like it was going out of style. Probably because it was. Now that I live in...

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The Non-driving Photog Update

What will today’s post bring? One never knows. Some days I have a plan, other days I don’t. It’s just how I live my life. A state of structured flexibility, you could say. I flip back and forth between focus and fun. I bury my nose in a project, then I step away and do...

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T a g s
T w e e t s