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Single Photo Friday:: Wear and Tear

Wharf wall in Portland’s Waterfront. Happy Friday! This week I’m digging this shot of peeling paint on a wall in Portland’s waterfront, taken with a lensbaby. Interesting how when buildings age like this they take on a beauty all their own. If only we had the same deal as humans. …

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Single Photo Friday:: Brunch!

Welcome to a new adventure on this here bloggity blog. A little thing I’m calling ‘Single Photo Friday.’ Not photos of single people (though that is a possibility), just a single photo I like. No big thing. Check back every Friday and see what it is my mind likes from week to week! I must...

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LIFE :: in Black & White

I photograph life. Simple as that. So I may photograph your life, your business, or just my own everyday life. It is my simple goal to actually make images that have LIFE in them. Here is a small sample of some past moments I have collected of my own life. Some of them are old...

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